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Chemical mixing - TrumpJet TM

Wetend Technologies Ltd is a worldwide supplier of chemical and additive mixing systems with TrumpJet injection technology for paper mills including paper and board machine wet end, stock preparation, recycled fiber and mechanical pulping process applications. We supply complete mixing systems for various papermaking chemicals and additives.

The TrumpJet injection technology provides the process with immediate and efficient mixing resulting to very homogenous sheet, better quality of paper and improved runnability. The system improves interaction of the chemical with the main process; improve e.g. retention and sizing. It can also reduce chemical consumption. 
Injection and mixing is made with circulated process media, normally with headbox stock - fresh water savings are given, no dilution is required. Depending on the case energy savings can be significant. TrumpJet operation is presented in a short video that shows mixing pattern of a conventional system and a TrumpJet system.

Mixing pattern with conventional way and with a TrumpJet system (video)

Wetend Technologies Ltd offers developed services for paper and board mills to analyze and optimize injection and use of additives in the papermaking process. We provide also mechanical and process field service for our equipment and processes to ensure optimum performance.
New effective mixing system for paper making chemicals
Features and Benefits
- Exellent mixing, more uniform retention and sheet formation
- Better CD profiles
- Improved formation
- Improved ash, fines and total retention
- Improved sizing
- Decreased chemical consumption
- Reduced fresh water consumption
- Reduced energy consumption
- Injection with headbox stock
- Quick and easy to install
TrumpJet 24 h Customer Support

Wetend  Technologies  Ltd  offers  to  all TrumpJet customers 
a  global  24 h  customer support and service number   to      
call for advice or assistance. The number is +358 10 836 0111

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